Kindy Care Curriculum

What Will My Child Learn At Childcare?

Everyday is an opportunity for your little one to develop and learn through interactive experiences and educational childcare programs. Our pre-school curriculum has been designed to meet the individual needs of your child, encourage new mental pathways and provide the tools they need to build on their physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

At Tweed Heads Kindy Care, we act and educate in accordance with the National Quality Framework. Dedicated to setting a high standard of learning and care, you can trust your child is receiving the national benchmark in early childhood education and care.

Our educators welcome parents to visit and see how their child is progressing. To find out more about our daily curriculum and educational programs, contact us today!

Day-to-day activities

We believe learning by doing is how children learn best! By participating in a wide range of activities, every day your child is learning a new way of thinking and problem solving.

Our day-to-day activities include:

  • Building & creating with blocks
  • Expressing creativity through painting, drawing & dough sculpting
  • Dramatising & exploring family life & occupations in our dedicated home corner
  • Building literacy & problem solving through books, puzzles & hands-on manipulative equipment
  • Increasing muscle strength & co-ordination by keeping active & participating in engaging outdoor activities
  • Enjoying music & imaginative story-telling

Routine is essential in helping children develop healthy habits and understand how to function day to day. We follow a picture routine so children become familiar with our daily activities. It doesn’t take long for them to become confident enough to tell us what’s up next!

Kid using board — Childcare Centre in Tweed Heads, NSW

Munch & Move

Supporting children under 5 years of age, Munch & Move is a New South Wales health initiative designed to promote physical activity and healthy eating, as well as reduce screen time.

Our educators have undergone specialised training to help encourage healthy eating habits and physical movement for young children.

We regularly provide families with simple, practical tips and ideas in how to engage children in physical activity, sports and healthy eating at home.

Kids using laptop — Childcare Centre in Tweed Heads, NSW

Learning SunSmart

Living in beautiful, sunny Tweed Heads, we believe in teaching children the value of skin protection and being SunSmart from a young age. The aim of the SunSmart program is to encourage children to develop life-long, healthy sun protection habits from an early age.

By participating in the free SunSmart program, our policy addresses sun protection by environment, behaviour and information.

Our caring educators organise outdoor activities outside of peak UV times and utilise the shaded area. We encourage wearing sun-safe clothing and hats, and provide a minimum of SPF30+ sunscreen for children. Additionally, by teaching sun protection in the classroom and applying our lessons to outdoor play, it doesn’t take long for children to become familiar with skin protection.

Our Kindy Program

Our educators document each child’s learning, assessing and considering the child’s interest, strengths and needs. Together with families, educators will plan play-based engagements reflecting the Early Years Learning Framework to ensure each child develops to their fullest potential.

The disposition for learning, such as resilience, openness, creativity, curiosity, optimism and concentration are developed in play.

We guarantee that your little one will be surrounded by laughter and love with every visit. 

7:00 am: Family Grouping

8:30 Outside Exploration

9:30 Shared Morning Tea

10:15 Toddlers and Preschooler go into their own rooms.

10:20 – Focused Numeracy Group Time

10:40 – Learning Engagements, play base following the children’s interest.

11:50 – Focused Literacy Group Time


12:15 – Lunch Time (Toddlers slightly earlier lunch and sleep 12.30 – 2.30)

1:00 – Rest and reading

1:30 – School Readiness

2:40 – Music

3:00 – Outside Play

3:30 – Afternoon Tea

4.00 – Outside play and games

5.30 – Quite Activities Inside